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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...sometimes a cigar can change your life

I can’t count how many times my decision to disconnect from the day and go enjoy a cigar at my local shop has lead to fortuitous circumstances. I’ve also had the privilege of hearing similar stories from friends, family, and acquaintances. They never get old.

This is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to take on ownership of a cigar shop. To be a part of connecting folks in the community and providing a location for divine appointments is exciting and awe-inspiring.

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We have Locker Memberships available at both locations

Have a little bit of William Alexander all to yourself with a locker…with your name on it…

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[services_medium title=”EXTRA DISCOUNTS” style=”style_2″ icon=”icon-money” icon_color=”#777777″ border_color=”#eeeeee”]Get 15% off single cigars and 20% off full boxes.[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”EXCLUSIVE EVENTS” style=”style_2″ icon=”linecon-icon-star” icon_color=”#777777″ border_color=”#eeeeee”]Be among the first to sign-up for trips, exclusive events, private tastings and more![/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”GIFT CARD” style=”style_2″ icon=”icon-credit-card” icon_color=”#777777″ border_color=”#eeeeee”]Pay for 12 months up front and get a $50 Gift Card to WAT![/services_medium]