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Finally, a Cigar Humidor Program that doesn’t require any investment from you aside from some counter space and a little time to get to know the product.

We take care of everything, you focus on your customers.

Our program takes all the guesswork and upfront costs out of the picture and provides a seamless integration into your existing products and services to increase the value you offer your customers. We provide everything from the humidor and humidification to the cigars, accessories, and signage. We set the pricing for you and provide all the product info you need to successfully offer the right cigars for your customers. We’ll even show you how to cut and light cigars for your customers and elevate their experience with your establishment.

Our goal is not to just drop everything off and wish you best of luck. We view this as a partnership, an opportunity to foster and grow a new dimension of business with you and your team. We stay in touch with you every couple weeks to ensure your humidification is replenished and your cigars and accessories are always stocked. We’ll even swap out lines of cigars if they’re not moving like they should. Your success is our success.

Humidor Program

How This Works

  1. We’ll come out and bring all the stuff with us; humidor, cigars, humidification, accessories, bags, signage, and materials.
  2. We’ll set everything up and walk you through the products and how to offer them to your customers.
  3. You’ll put a credit card on file with us after signing the Humidor Placement Agreement that we’ll use to charge you for the products you’ve sold each month minus your 25% cut of the sales.
  4. We’ll come out every few weeks to ensure your humidification is refreshed, products re-stocked, and make suggestions on new products if certain cigars aren’t moving as well as others.
  5. Sold a ton of product and need us to restock sooner? No problem! Just give us a call and we’ll be out as soon as possible.
  6. That’s it! We provide everything you need at no up front cost and all you have to do is offer it to your customers.

Humidor Program Inquiry Form

Interested in getting set-up? Or, just interested in learning more about the program? Complete this form and we’ll reach out to answer any questions you may have.