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[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” title=”MEMBERS ONLY PORTION PLANNING”][/block_title]

We need your help planning the Members Only portion of our upcoming Rocky Patel Cigar Event. We want to show our gratitude for your continued membership by hosting a portion of this event for members only. We’ll also have some extra exclusive goodies for you at the event!

So, we have 2 options that we’d like you to vote on so we know which best suits you. The majority will rule.


The first 2 hours of the event would be reserved for Members Only. We’d close down the shop during these 2 hours and give you advance access to the cigars, deals, food, and more! Also, you’ll receive some exclusive product and offers during this time that won’t be available to anyone else.


The main event would run during its normal time of 5-9PM where you and our regular customers will get a cigar, food, deals on Rocky Patel product, raffles, and more. Then, at 9PM we’ll throw an “After-Party” for Members Only during which time you’ll receive some exclusive product and offers that won’t be available to anyone else. Also, as the lounge becomes a private club at 9PM, we’d have the added opportunity to break out some spirits and maybe a dessert to celebrate you as a valued locker of club member!

Please vote before Friday, August 10th.

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