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Lodge Amenities

  • The Lodge has seating for 16.
  • Big Room seats 10
  • Side Room seats 6
  • 2 TVs include comcast cable and 1 Roku device (another will be added soon)
  • Bathroom included, please do not use the shower. Consider it out of service permanently. 😉
  • 2 Rabbit Air Purifiers running 24/7 are on auto. There should be no need to adjust these as they will adjust their speed as needed.
  • NEW! We have installed additional ventilation in the ceiling. There is a black control unit on the wall to the right of the bathroom door. Please use the arrow buttons to turn the fan speed to 10 while you’re in the Lodge smoking. If you are the last to leave, please turn this back to 0. If there’s still a decent amount of smoke in the air, you can set it to 1.
  • Plenty of ashtrays throughout the Lodge. Please empty ash into the ash can outside the door after your visit and clean out the ashtray. ABSOLUTELY NO ASHES IN THE TRASH CANS.
  • There are security cameras throughout The Lodge. We are watching (with that creepy voice) No, seriously, we are. If you see something, please say something. 

Lodge Rules

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO ASH IN THE TRASH CANS. Please empty your ash into the ash can just outside the upstairs door. Please help us keep the Lodge clean by emptying your ashtrays after each visit, wipe out your ashtray with a clorox wipe and follow it up with a microfiber cloth. These will be provided in the bathroom closet. We’ll replace the microfiber each evening.
  2. Please vacuum any dropped ash and make sure any drink bottles or other trash are thrown away in the trash cans.
  3. Please try to keep the bathroom as clean as possible. If you miss it, please wipe it. I think you know what I’m referring to. 😉
  4. The Guest Book will be hanging in the metal slot just inside the Lodge door. All guests must be registered in the book. Your paid guest passes will be added to your tab for the week and charged to your card on file with your tab on Saturday evenings.
  5. NEW! We are working on a new mobile site where you can pay for your club drinks and guest passes as you go right from your phone. We’ll also be adding a humidor with some exclusive cigars to the Lodge soon, and you’ll be able to purchase those from your phone as well. We’ll update you when these are available.
  6. Please keep in mind that the Lodge is not your house or living room. While we want you to be comfortable and enjoy the space, please be respectful of the other members during your stay. We don’t want anyone living in the space or spreading out all over the lounge unnecessarily.
  7. Alcohol is allowed in the Lodge, but getting drunk, or coming in drunk is not permitted. Please enjoy your drink responsibly.
  8. Only cigars and tobacco pipes are permitted in the Lodge. No cigarettes, vape, or e-cigs. (or any of the other fake nicotine products out there) Also, weed or other drugs are not permitted.
  9. Please ensure the main glass door is locked at all times, even while you’re in the Lodge.
  10. If you are the last person to leave at any given time of the day, please turn off all lights, lamps and TVs. The air purifiers should stay on all the time.

Overall, enjoy The Lodge, be respectful of others, and don’t act a fool. Anyone abusing their privileges or not abiding by the rules can and will have their membership canceled.

We thank you for your continued support!