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We get this question almost every day, so we’d like to discuss our new name and what it means for us, for you, and for the future.

Sometime around early November, Clint and I (Mike) started kicking around the idea of a name change. We knew right away that we definitely wanted it to happen, but we were still unsure of what direction to go. After many conversations, prayers, and soul searching, we came to the conclusion that our goal is to start a new legacy. We wanted a fresh start for the cigar shops, breathe new life into the culture. William Alexander was born. The name is a combination of our two middle names, Clint William Aaron and Michael Alexander Justice.

Our vision, our new legacy, our mission, is to rebuild the foundation of the business so that it’s stronger than ever. A healthy foundation both financially and characteristically is an absolute necessity and is our first priority before we can effectively build William Alexander (WA) into a viable business and destination that can be enjoyed by us all for decades to come. The next phase is to restore both of the humidors and product shelves back to their prime. After that, the sky is the limit, and we plan to reach for it! We have very concrete plans to renovate both shops, upgrade furniture, expand in-house services and even our services outside of the shops. We’ll have more details to come as we’re able to develop them, but for now, we want you to know how much we value your patronage, your loyalty, your patience, and your enthusiasm during this transition. I believe the phrase, “it takes a village…” firmly applies to this vision.

Mike Justice


  • Kit Adams says:

    I spoke w Dominic earlier. I look forward to ordering a nox next week. Nice writeup on name and mission.

  • Wayne Johnson says:

    I like the Name. With 3 powerful elements like Prayers, Conversation and Soul searching (PCS) how can one go wrong.
    I’m new to this area, from Minnesota. I’d like to stop in and say hello.